Diane Camp, Development Chef for Reynolds, recently visited Stewards Academy in Harlow where GCSE Catering students were able to gain expert help on the importance of the presentation of dishes.

Diane demonstrated how to present a main dish of pumpkin tortellini with baby spinach. The dish was served with a colourful salad containing unusual ingredients, such as rose harissa, pumpkin seeds and amaranth, a purple salad with an earthy beetroot flavour.


To showcase their presentation skills, students were then given the opportunity to decorate crème brulees which Diane had made in advance. They were advised not to use plates that were too small and decorate asymmetrically. Students found this advice invaluable, and were able to use it when garnishing their own vegetarian dishes. Celia Ellis, the Catering Teacher said “It was a pleasure to have the input of an experienced chef; the students learnt a great deal from Diane and can now use the knowledge they have gained to improve the presentation of their practical work.”


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