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Storm Gloria Triggers a Red Weather Warning in Spain

An intense and rather unexpected snow blizzard in Spain is predicted to lead to some delays for a small number of products.


Lettuces are likely to be affected either by some form of “mud” splash and/or pinking. Growers will remove all affected leaves at the point of packaging however the pinking is likely to continue manifesting throughout transportation.


Snow storm Gloria is also likely to cause a delayed harvest for citrus as picking during these conditions will lead to skin issues throughout the products shelf life.


Cold weather conditions will lead to more backward coloration as the tomatoes are likely to take longer to ripen on the plant.

Our Prediction

Our current analysis of the situation suggests that these conditions will continue until the end of next week. After that time, things are expected to return to normal. To stay updated with any further changes in the situation, check back regularly on our news page and keep an eye out for our weekly crop report.


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