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Buying British

Depending on the season and availability, Reynolds’ products are sourced responsibly from the UK or overseas. Where we can buy UK produce, we prefer to use Red Tractor approved suppliers.

Reducing food miles

Reynolds works hard to ensure that we reduce ‘food miles’ as much as possible. For example, a significant proportion of our produce is collected by us on backhaul, to minimise transportation of empty lorries. We also work with a number of UK-based suppliers, particularly for salads and leaf, with some of these growers located just a few miles from our national distribution centre. Meet our seasonal growers here.

Cage Free Eggs

By 2025, we are committed to ensuring that our shell egg and liquid egg products will be laid by cage-free animals, subject to available supply, affordability and customer demand. As we are moving towards our goal, we continue to offer British Lion assurance on our range of shell eggs, which are from either cage-free or enriched cage systems.

Recycling and Waste management

Reynolds was one of the founding members of the WRAP’s Hospitality and Food Service Agreement on waste reduction, working alongside many of its customers with the common aim of minimising waste food, packaging and carbon emissions.

Some key facts regarding our efforts to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Since 2014, Reynolds has sent zero waste to landfill
  • All waste plastic is recycled
  • The majority of food unsuitable for customer sale is either sent to market, given away to charity or used as animal feed
  • LED lighting is used throughout our storage facility
  • Around 50% of our split boxes are now delivered in reusable crates, saving hundreds of tonnes of cardboard and paper each year and reducing the waste collection costs for our customers
  • Where customers do still prefer to use cardboard boxes for splits, all cardboard packaging cases procured by Reynolds are made with a minimum of 71% recycled material
  • IT systems are used to identify efficient routing systems and drive fuel efficiency
  • Advanced driver training ensures maximum fuel efficiency
  • In October 2019, Reynolds introduced an innovative zero emission, electric urban fridge trailer, with a rechargeable battery box and solar panels

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