Workplace catering

Some of the most respected names in the workplace catering industry, including Baxter Storey and Sodexo rely on Reynolds to supply them with the highest quality fruit, salad, vegetables, cheese, dairy and other fresh produce. We are recognised in the foodservice industry for our reliability, flexibility and exceptional customer service.

Importantly, by choosing Reynolds as a supplier, operators know that they will receive complete consistency across their business, wherever outlets are located. That means consistency of product quality and specification, as well as consistent service – peace of mind for any multi-site operator.

Having been a greengrocer since 1945, we know a thing or two about seasonality and can assist you in placing seasonal British produce at the heart of your menus. Using seasonal produce is a great way to help reduce food costs, but at Reynolds we go one step further. We offer customers the opportunity to fix their prices for six months at a time. This means that dishes can be accurately costed way in advance, with food margins protected.

Reynolds is able to supply more than 1,000 different types of fruit and vegetable to cater to every need. We source the highest quality fresh produce for national supply to our customers and our strong relationships with growers, cheese makers and dairy farmers ensure transparency, authenticity and food safety.

Food safety is critical for our customers and something we take very seriously. Reynolds has been British Retail Consortium certified at the highest level since it began in 1998. This means that all Reynolds’ suppliers are audited and meet the most stringent standards.

Reynolds is able to go that extra mile by providing more than just great tasting produce to workplace caterers. Our Technical and Food Development teams are in place to offer support with menu development and analysis, including nutritional and allergen information. We can even provide product training and workshops for your team.

It’s well known that consumers like to know where the food they eat comes from, and our commitment to a fully traceable supply chain also means that Reynolds can provide information regarding food provenance for that all important menu appeal. What’s more, Reynolds is able to provide an extensive range of Red Tractor Farm Assured produce and dairy, all year round.

Reynolds really is much more than just a greengrocer, but don’t just take our word for it…

“Foodbuy have worked with Reynolds for a number of years now, whether it be supplying our internal Compass Group business or the external clients we procure for. They have proven themselves as an effective supply partner when it comes to delivering both value and high quality produce to our chefs. Service levels are second to none and Reynolds’ ability to deliver right across the UK is of real benefit. Where Reynolds adds real value is through their industry knowledge, including their food development team who help our chefs to develop new and innovative menus.”

Richard Sharpe
Catagory Development Manager

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