Healthcare catering: hospitals and care homes

We know that consistently providing healthy, nutritious food can be challenging, but getting it right makes a real difference to your residents’ health and well-being. And with access to over 1,000 different types of fruit and vegetable at any one time, compiling delicious, nutritious and seasonal menus to suit your clients specific needs is made that much easier by using Reynolds.


As a Food for Life supplier member, Reynolds is able to go that extra mile by providing more than just great tasting produce. Our Technical and Food Development teams are in place to offer support with menu development and analysis, including nutritional and allergen information.

Food safety is critical for our customers and something we take very seriously. Reynolds has been British Retail Consortium certified at the highest level since it began in 1998. This means that all Reynolds’ suppliers are audited and meet the most stringent standards.

All UK suppliers comply with the appropriate farm assurance standards, meaning that all fresh produce is produced safely and is fully traceable, right back to the farm in which it is grown on.

Having been a greengrocer since 1945, we also know a thing or two about seasonality and can assist you in placing seasonal British produce at the heart of your menus. As well as enabling you to offer greater variety for your residents, using ingredients when they are in season will ensure your food tastes even better. Why not view a selection of our exciting seasonal recipes?

We understand that budgets are incredibly important to any caterer. Using seasonal produce is one way to help reduce food costs, but at Reynolds we go one step further. We offer customers the opportunity to fix their prices for six months at a time. This means that, particularly for those running a regular menu cycle, dishes can be accurately costed way in advance, with food margins protected.

Reynolds really is much more than just a greengrocer, but don’t just take out word for it…

“Reynolds play a vital part in our food offering at Porthaven. Reliable deliveries through each week with assured quality ensure that we meet the needs of the business and our residents. It is also advantageous to be able to purchase other groceries when supply and pricing from our incumbent suppliers can be, at times, quite variable”

John Huggett
Group Hotel Services Manager
Porthaven Care Homes Group

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