Reynolds’ Scottish cheese board

cheese boardLanark blue

A famous Scottish mould ripened cheese, sometimes described as ‘Scotland’s Roquefort’. It is hand made in a farm-house creamery from unpasteurised ewes’ milk.

Bonnet goats

A vegetarian cheese made from goats’ milk and hard-pressed at the Dunlop dairy in Ayrshire Scotland. Bonnet is a hard round truckle, named after the tradition which still survives of making regimental army bonnets in Stewarton, Ayrshire (the official Bonnet town).

Mull of Kintyre

This fine cheddar is matured for a minimum of nine months and is produced on the west coast of Scotland using only milk from local dairy herds. The cheese is then covered in a black wax to maintain freshness and flavour. The cheddar has an open, slightly crumbly texture and often has very obvious calcium lactate crystals which may form a white film on the outside of the cheese, as well as a slightly crunchy texture. This cheddar has a rich savoury taste with sweet, almost caramel, notes.



A splendid Scottish cheddar made with full cream Guernsey milk. The cheddar is rich in colour, with a matured texture and a full, rounded flavour and produced by the Inverloch Cheese Company on the West Coast of Scotland.

Dunsyre blue

A cylindrical, unpasteurised, blue cheese made from cow’s milk and suitable for vegetarians. The moist, white rind has a variety of mould stages. The cheese is wrapped in foil and, when aged, the smooth, creamy-colored interior is penetrated by chunky streaks of blue-green mould that impart a spicy flavour. Dunsyre blue ripens in six to 12 weeks and is produced by Humprey Errington.

Tain Smoked cheddar

Tain cheddar is a lovely mild cheese which allows the fantastic smoke flavour to permeate beautifully. This cheese is produced by Summer Isles Foods, a small family-run craft smokehouse located in Achiltibuie, on the north-west coast of Scotland. The family have been smoking produce in the traditional manner now for nearly 40 years.

Gruth Dhu (Black Crowdie)

A type of Crowdie fresh cheese with a slightly lemony taste, Gruth Dhu is made from pasteurized milk with added double cream. The cheese is formed into oval shapes, then rolled in toasted oats and crushed peppercorns. The cheese is made by Susannah Stone of the Highland Fine Cheeses company from her herd of Shorthorn cows at Blarliath Farm near Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.


We serve our cheeses with white seedless grapes, Highland oatcakes and a spiced apple & pear chutney.