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At Reynolds, as well as being passionate about produce, our food development team plays a big role in supporting customers with menu development. Our executive development chef, Diane Camp, and development chef, Elliot Hayes, continue to create new and innovative menu ideas. We have included a selection of our favourites below.

New recipes are added every month, so come back regularly for more food ideas.

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Cranberry and clementine posset with walnut and ginger cookies

This dessert really evokes the Christmas spirit!

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts with chilli, garlic and lemon

A different take on the traditional winter vegetable.

Sausage and Bramley apple

Sausage and Bramley apple plait with roasted root vegetable crush and Bramley apple compote

The classic combination of pork and apple works brilliantly in this delicious dish.

kholrabi and apple salad

Kohlrabi and apple salad with poppy seed yoghurt dressing

A delightfully fresh and unusual salad idea from Reynolds - simply stunning!


Roasted pumpkin, kale and buckwheat salad

A simple but tasty autumn or winter salad idea

Parsnip and pecan cupcakes

Parsnip and pecan cupcakes

Treat your diners to these unusual parsnip and pecan cupcakes.


Winter mess

A wintery slant on a classic summer dessert


Winter coleslaw

A winter slaw made using the best of British ingredients


Pickled cauliflower, golden berry & British smoked quinoa salad

A stunning vegan friendly dish, packed full of bright colours and beautiful brassicas

Smoked duck and plum salad

Smoked duck and plum salad

A stunning yet really simple smoked duck and plum salad.

Vine ripened tomato soup

Vine-ripened Marzanino tomato soup

Marzanino tomatoes give this soup its wow factor

apricot clafoutis

Individual apricot clafoutis with a clotted cream and apricot sorbet

Check out this tangy apricot clafoutis dessert.

Fresh peach and raspberry tray-bake

Fresh peach and raspberry tray bake

A simple and juicy tray-bake packed full of delicious fruit


Mushroom ceviche

A deliciously light vegan dish packed full of zingy and fresh, South American flavours


Vegan Jerky

Vegan jerkies are healthy and nutritious snacks which can be made from a whole host of different fruit and vegetables.


Shaved fennel and radish salad with blood orange and fennel cress

A flavourful, fresh fennel and radish salad - the ideal accompaniment to smoked fish.

Nectarine, pea, broad bean and spelt salad

Nectarine, pea, broad bean and spelt salad

Try this amazing mix of flavours from this nectarine spelt salad.


Rhubarb and custard brûlée

Classic flavour combinations feature in this classic dessert

berry sorbet

Summer berry sorbet with pain perdu and fresh summer berries

A simple but effective way to use up stale bread, adding fresh berries to create a fresh, summery dessert.


Pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream

A delicious Autumn treat celebrating the sweet flavour of pumpkin

Marinated rhubarb, raw Chantenay carrot salad with a Rosary Ash goats curd and walnuts

Marinated rhubarb, raw Chantenay carrot salad with a Rosary Ash goats curd and walnuts

This Rosary Ash goats curd and walnuts with marinated rhubarb and Chantenay carrot salad will surprise and delight.

Chargrilled peach and Serrano ham salad

Chargrilled peach and Serrano ham salad

A simple Serrano ham salad with Spanish flavours just perfect for Summer and Autumn menus.

Sauteed sofia potatoes

Sautéed Jersey Royal potatoes

A truly simple but extraordinarily delicious potato dish.

Marinated Charentais melon with Greek yoghurt

Marinated Charentais melon with Greek yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and honey

Try this delicious marinated charentais melon recipe, with a Greek twist!


Pan seared salmon served with Jersey Royals, English asparagus and blood orange

A great fresh and seasonal dish that makes the most of the short season for Jersey Royals.

bean brûlée

Broad bean brûlée with confit salmon

A delightfully light summer dish

Poached Pear vanilla creme patissiere chocolate mousse

Poached Pear, vanilla crème pâtissière, chocolate mousse

An amazing poached pear recipe featuring some amazing seasonal ingredients.

leaf and apricot salad

Exclusive leaf and apricot salad with a quince dressing

This is a simple but visually stunning leaf and apricot salad that really captures the colours and flavours of summer.


Crispy and chargrilled Brussels sprouts salad with chorizo

A modern and colourful take on a classic winter vegetable, perfect both as a seasonal main course or accompaniment.

Elderflower and Gooseberry fool_11009 LR

Gooseberry fool with honey poached gooseberries with elderflower fritters

When gooseberries are at their peak, this refreshing fool recipe cannot be beaten!


Oca de Peru salad, smoked salmon, candied beetroot and lime caviar

This attractive salad is beautifully coloured and bursting with flavour.

Ultimate Veggie Burger

The Ultimate Veggie Burger

Don't forget the veggies!

Rhubarb and blackberry

Rhubarb and blackberry crumble with asparagus ice cream

A celebration of John Chinn’s new season Herefordshire open field rhubarb and asparagus.

Balinese spiced cod with Bombay new potatoes and sauteed samphire

Balinese spiced cod with Bombay new potatoes and sauteed samphire

A stunning Balinese spiced cod recipe packed with great flavours from the sea.


Blood orange and yuzu mess

A great modern spin on the classic Eaton mess, but using some great seasonal citurs fruits instead of British berries.

Tempura flowering sprouts with a blue cheese dip

Tempura flowering sprouts with a blue cheese dip

This flowering sprout recipe will never fail to impress.


Rhubarb and almond tart

The perfect dessert for new season rhubarb. Why not serve as a St. George's Day (23rd April) treat?


Korean BBQ vegan buns

Comining three of the hottest trends to make a great tasting dish - Korean food, street food and vegan dining.


Christmas Brussels Sprouts Salad

This simple salad is packed with flavour, and makes the most of our Christmas ingredients!


Individual Marzanino tomato tarte tatin

This delicious tart would work wonderfully as both a starter and as a light bite

Berry wraps

Strawberries and cream and summer pudding wraps

Treat your diners to these delicious summery sweet strawberries and cream wraps.

Devon splits with rhubarb jam

Rhubarb and custard cream Devon splits

A great alternative to scones and jam!


Chestnut parfait with caramelised figs and chocolate coated chestnuts

Delight your diners with this unusual parfait!.

Blackened whole celeriac with jalapeno herb butter

Blackened whole celeriac with jalapeno herb butter

Here's a novel way of cooking a celeriac that means you don't have to peel it!

pumpkin taco

Fresh soft pumpkin taco

This pumpkin taco is a tasty and seasonal alternative to your standard combination.

banana flapjacks

Banana flapjacks

Amazing banana flapjacks using an old recipe.

The Reynolds ultimate steak platter

The Reynolds’ ultimate steak platter

Sirloin steak with triple cooked Mayan Gold chips and all the trimmings.

Bramley apple and tarragon crumble

Bramley apple crumble with tarragon with lavender custard

Try this classic apple crumble using the quintessential British fruit.

Reynolds Breakfast pizza

Reynolds’ ‘full English’ pizza recipe

A Reynolds twist on the traditional brunch.

globe artichoke with crab, smoked broad bean and tomato salsa

Globe artichoke with crab, smoked broad bean and tomato salsa

This elegant globe artichoke with crab, broad bean and tomato salsa is a great addition to your spring menu.

Roasted Pumpkin, chorizo and kale salad

Roasted Pumpkin, chorizo and kale salad

A delicious yet simple salad.

Mezze sharing board

The Reynolds mezze sharing board

A great fresh tasting and colourful mezze platter.

Mini full English

Mini full English

A modern take on the traditional full English breakfast.

Poached flat peach

Poached flat peach with raspberry sorbet and crème anglaise

A different take on the classic peach melba using of-the-moment flat peaches

Hertitage beetroot and cauliflower salad

Heritage beetroot and cauliflower salad

This is a great meat-free beetroot and cauliflower salad using all of the different colours available.

Chow chow and lotus root salad

Chow chow and lotus root salad with green shiso and salmon tempura

Wow your customers with this oriental chow chow and lotus root salad which uses some of Reynolds' more exotic vegetables.

Sweet Spinach Tart

Sweet spinach tart

Try this sweet version of a traditional spinach tart.

Raw chocolate mousse with toasted coconut and a baby fig

Raw chocolate mousse with toasted coconut and a baby fig

A delicious and rich chocolate mousse with a great accompaniment - coconut and baby figs!

Rhubarb Cordial

Rhubarb cordial

Try this refreshing rhubarb cordial, with lemon and vanilla - perfect for the start of Spring.

Spinach soup with micro red chard

Cream of spinach soup with a garnish of micro red chard

A great start to the spinach soup season - a brilliantly coloured dish.

King oyster mushrooms and pak choi

Stir fried King oyster mushroom and pak choi

A simple and versatile oriental dish using great fresh produce available all year round.

roast vegetable open ravioli

Open ravioli of chargrilled vegetables

A simple, yet classy pasta dish.

Hay-baked parsley root and smoked garlic

Hay-baked parsley root and smoked garlic

Parsley root tastes like a cross between carrots and celery. Try this unique recipe, only from Reynolds.

hasselback potatoes

Hasselback Jersey Royal potatoes with marjoram

Wonderfully crispy hasselback potatoes.

Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas with Jersey Royals

We recommend that you try this classic patatas bravas dish with British grown potatoes.

oriental fruit salad

Oriental fruit salad with green tea jelly and lychee, lemongrass and ginger sorbet

A delightfully refreshing oriental fruit salad recipe, using a combination of exotic fruits.

Vegetarian breakfast

Reynolds’ vegetarian breakfast

Reynolds’ vegetarian breakfast is a perfect start to the day.

cheese board

Reynolds’ Scottish cheese board

Reynolds' Scottish cheese board is a great celebration of Scottish cheesemaking.

Chocolate and rosemary pots

Valrhona chocolate and rosemary pots

A rich and distinctly flavoured chocolate dessert.

Toulouse sausage and mixed bean cassoulet

Quick and easy Toulouse sausage and mixed bean cassoulet

Hearty, quick and easy sausage cassoulet.

Scotch pancakes with a blueberry compote and a pomegranate and granola yoghurt

Scotch pancakes with a blueberry compote and a pomegranate and granola yoghurt

A great use of summer berries to top off some delicious scotch pancakes.

Roasted Tamarillo

Roasted tamarillo with a manna syrup and mascarpone cream

Why not use this exotic fruit to produce a dessert with a difference.

Asian vegetables from Reynolds

Taste of Asia

A fresh and healthy choice, using UK grown Asian vegetables.

Roasted leek and swede tart with mozzarella

Roasted leek and swede tart with mozzarella

A delicious dish to share and enjoy.

English Cherry Cake

Cherry cake

A delicious cherry cake made with desiccated coconut.

Blacksticks blue scone with cranberry jam

Blacksticks blue cheese scones with cranberry jam

These delicious Blacksticks blue cheese scones are perfect for the colder seasons.


The greengrocer super smoothie

This greengrocer smoothie is full of goodness - the perfect way to detox.


Blood Orange Trifle

This blood orange dessert is great modern twist on a classic dish!


Beetroot and sweet potato samosas with a tzatziki dip

When it comes to Samosas, it's all about the stuffing. Try this Indian snack with a mix of sweet potatoes and beetroots.

Pumpkin Laksa with smoked Tofu and rice noodles

Pumpkin Laksa with smoked Tofu and rice noodles

Blended with lemon grass, garlic, ginger and red chilli.

Pumpkin fritters with a fruity carrot salad

Pumpkin fritters with a fruity carrot salad and tomato salsa

Pumpkin fritters with a fruity carrot salad.


8 Brix suckling belly of pork cooked sous vide served with Bramley apple mash and a warm winter slaw

Treat your customers to this great suckling belly of pork winter warmer.

Pan-fried mackerel with summer bean salad

Pan-fried mackerel with summer bean salad

Wow your diners with this fresh, seasonal pan-fried mackerel with summer bean salad.

Moist carrot and cardamom cake

Moist carrot and cardamom cake with orange frosting

A classic cake given a twist with the addition of cardamon and orange flavours.

Parmigiano pannacotta

Parmigiano pannacotta, Marzanino tomato compote, Minus 8 caviar and basil sorbet

An unusual trio of reworked classic Italian flavours with a Reynolds twist.

Reynolds' strawberry soufflé

Reynolds’ strawberry soufflé

A new take on an old strawberry soufflé.

Moroccan spiced lamb rump

Moroccan spiced lamb rump with citrus couscous and a fresh apricot relish

This Moroccan spiced lamb dish is packed full of fresh flavours.

Jellied Marzanino tomato consommé with Fennel and Affila cress

Jellied tomato consommé with Fennel and Affila cress

Fine dining at its best, using seasonal ingredients.

Indian spiced potatoes

Indian spiced potatoes and asparagus

A spicy side dish of Indian spiced potatoes using great British ingredients.


Beetroot rosti with smoked salmon and soft boiled quail egg

These Beetroot canapes are perfect for your Christmas parties.

Pork fillet with pea rissotto

Pork tenderloin wrapped in cabbage and bacon with pearled spelt, cheddar and fresh pea risotto

For this trendy dish, pearled spelt makes a great alternative to rice for the risotto, and is cooked using fresh apple juice and sweet peas.

white chocolate

Chilled white chocolate and nectarine fondants

A delightful nectarine fondants dessert using seasonal stone fruit.

Duck with cherries and chervil

Duck with cherries and chervil

Make the most of the English cherry season with this tasty duck, cherry and chervil recipe.

Grilled aubergine and courgette

Grilled aubergine and courgette cannelloni al forno with smoked mozzarella

A great vegetarian cannelloni dish without the pasta!


Blackberry and Honeycomb syllabub

A tartly refreshing sweet treat

Sushi-style boxed salad

Sushi-style boxed salad

Your guests will love this low fat sushi style boxed salad.

Victoria plum

Individual plum sponge with stem ginger and orange custard

This delicious plum sponge dessert is a perfect finish to a Sunday roast. The sponges can be cooked by steaming or cooking in a bain marie for one hour.

Buttered Chantenay

Buttered Chantenay carrots with fennel seed

Your diners will love this simple but delicious recipe.

beetroot and Bonnet goats' cheese salad

Roasted baby beetroot and goats cheese salad with an orange dressing

This baby beetroot and goats cheese saladhas a lovely balance of textures and flavours and is a perfect healthy option.

Sticky golden beetroot bars

Sticky golden beetroot cake

Beetroot cake bars are a perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

Butternut squash

Butternut squash and pistachio cookies

A great way to make sure you get your 5 a day

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup

A great warming pumpkin soup for those cold winter nights.

Roasted pumpkin, red onion and Feta frittata

Roasted pumpkin frittata with red onion and feta

A quick and easy roasted pumpkin frittata using the best of the seasonal produce available.

Pear tarte tatin

Pear tarte tatin

A Reynolds take on the classic pear tarte tatin, substituting traditional apples for Conference pears.

Mini toffee apple muffins

Mini toffee apple muffins

A different take on toffee apple muffins.

Truffled Jerusalem artichoke soup

Truffled Jerusalem artichoke soup

This tasty jerusalem artichoke soup is fantastic as a canape.

Roasted root vegetable toad in the hole

Roasted root vegetable toad in the hole

Toad in the hole, but not as you know it!


Sage and onion Mayan Gold roast potatoes

Tasty roast potatoes with a Reynolds twist

Wild boar rillette

Wild boar rillette with a port, thyme and orange jelly

These special boar rillette canapes won't fail to impress.

Tenderstem stir fry

Tenderstem stir fry

A tasty side dish of tenderstem with bags of colour and delicious textures.

Mulled winter fruit pudding

Mulled winter fruit pudding

Our delicious winter pudding is perfect for blustery days.


Pot-roasted guinea fowl with trimmings

This guinea fowl recipe is a real Christmas feast.

Confit pigs cheek

Confit pigs cheek with potato cake, wilted spring greens and a crispy poached white duck egg

Taste and texture combine perfectly in this great pigs cheek dish.

quail legs

Chinese five spice quail legs with beetroot and plum sauce

So many great colours on a plate, using some of the lesser known beetroot varieties - your diners will be stunned!


Haggis and root vegetable casserole with Scottish blue cheese cobblers

A real warming dish for those cold winter days.

Neeps and tatties soup

Neeps and tatties soup with mini haggises

Why not take the cold out of winter by offering your customers this traditional Scottish Neeps and tatties soup with mini haggises?

Italian boxed salad

Italian boxed salad

Your diners will love this delightful Italian salad

Moroccan boxed salad

Moroccan boxed salad

Your diners the delicious mix of Middle Eastern flavours in this healthy salad

Picture 335

Beetroot risotto with crispy coated goat’s cheese and creamed spinach

The beetroots gives this risotto a striking colour.

Macerated strawberries

Macerated strawberries with strawberry and balsamic ripple ice cream

Delight your customers with this tangy summer dessert

Chargrilled asparagus

Chargrilled asparagus with prosciutto and a poached free range egg

Combining quality fresh seasonal ingredients for great taste.

White chocolate

White chocolate and asparagus tart

Try this classic White chocolate and asparagus tart dessert, but with a savoury twist.


Baked Capricorn goats cheese with asparagus tips

Delicious melting goats cheese with asparagus tips for sharing.

Bramley apple

Bramley apple and persimmon pie

This old favourite is reinvented with the addition of persimmon.

beetroot brownies

Chocolate, orange and beetroot brownies

The earthy beetroot flavour combines well with the classic combination of orange and chocolate.

Superfood salad

Superfood boxed detox salad

The ultimate detox salad!

Black truffle

Black truffle potato nicoise

The black truffle potatoes and the Burford Brown eggs lend fantastic colour to this classic dish with a Reynolds twist