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Anecoop began in 1975 as a group of Spanish specialist citrus farmers who came together to cooperate and grow as a group.

Anecoop UK was launched in the Summer of 2021 as an extension of their network that already spans across many European countries.

Anecoop strive to deliver consistent, high quality produce across multiple citrus and melon categories which is why we have partnered with them to supply our customers with delicious citrus produce. We believe that the consistent quality seen in the Anecoop produce that we receive makes them the perfect choice for our customers.


Anecoop have total traceability of every stage of their product cycle. From cultivation to distribution, Anecoop use their traceability labelling to be able to identify exactly where each box of produce was grown and where it is going.

Food Quality, Food Safety & Sustainability

Another reason that Reynolds chooses to use Anecoop is their incredible attention to ensuring their produce is healthy and environmentally friendly. Anecoop abide by a zero residue policy which means no pesticide residue whatsoever on any of their produce.

HomeWhat we doOur growersAnecoop UK – Citrus and Melons
Blackdown Growers – Expert baby leaf grower

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Blackdown Growers are specialist growers of baby leaves and herbs.

They were founded in 1969 and now have five growing sites across Warwickshire, Norfolk and Evesham. These are set up to grow crops both outdoors and in glasshouses so that they can guarantee UK crops all year round.

The company’s mission is to provide their customers with a consistent, high quality supply of products, which is achieved through established growing and production systems, as well as a talented team who are driven by the company’s four key values of freshness, adaptation, service and traceability.

Growing methods

Every process of the growing cycle is managed by expert operators, from the drilling of the seed through to the packaging handler who applies the finishing touches. Automated irrigation systems are installed in both the glasshouses and the outdoor growing areas, allowing the team to apply water, pumped from the sites borehole, to the crop wherever and whenever they need.

The farming systems used by Blackdown Growers are regularly reviewed and new, innovative ideas are implemented where possible to increase efficiencies.

Their packing facility in Warwickshire has over four purpose built fridge coolers and various automated packing lines. They also have a fleet of refrigerated trailers so the crops are always kept in the coolest environment once they are harvested.

Protecting the environment

Blackdown Growers are fully accredited by BRC andRed Tractor. They are also a LEAF marque grower and are committed to producing food in a sustainable way, without impacting the environment. All materials within the Blackdown Group are either recycled or re-used.

Water management plays a crucial role in the growing and preparation of baby leaves. Blackdown Growers water is sourced from boreholes on every growing site, which is fresh and full of healthy minerals, helping to produce the very best quality baby salads. Water lagoons have also been created as catchment zones for rainwater, which create great habitats for wildlife.


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