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The Marketplace is our bi-annual report into the key issues affecting the fresh produce and dairy industries.

This publication provides an insight into the key product sectors in which we operate. Sharing our knowledge, we take you right back to the growing process in order to discuss issues that are affecting the supply of fresh produce and dairy. In contrast to many other foodservice suppliers, we view our customers as our partners and are keen to communicate the realities of our supply chain with complete transparency.

Reynolds works closely with European Food and Farming Partnerships (EFFP) to produce the content within The Marketplace. In particular, food supply chain expert Siôn Roberts, Senior Partner at European Food and Farming Partnerships puts the challenges faced by the produce sector into a wider context. Alongside Reynolds suppliers, some other organisations and experts who have provided valuable insight in past editions of The Marketplace include:

  • The National Farmers Union (NFU)
  • World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA)
  • David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College
  • WRAP
  • Harper Adams University
  • Cranfield School of Management
  • Promar International
  • British Growers

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Autumn 2018

EFFP: Still treading water

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, discusses the continued impact of Brexit on agriculture and the wider economy.

Feature: The power of partnerships

How collaboration can benefit the food and agriculture sector during a time of uncertainty.

Come rain or shine

Matt Jones, Senior Buyer, explains how unseasonable weather conditions continue to impact vegetable supplies in the UK.


Spring 2018

EFFP: Treading water

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, discusses our current economic and political climate as we approach Brexit.

Feature: A once-in a-generation opportunity for British agriculture?

What might Michael Gove’s vision for British farming really mean for domestic food production?

Volatility is the new norm

Kasia Charkiewicz, Category Buyer, predicts more uncertainty for the dairy industry.

Autumn 2017

EFFP: What next for the agri-food industry?

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, discusses the future of food and farming.

Feature: A new era for British produce?

Brexit negotiations bring uncertainty today, but will probably bring the most significant changes to British agriculture in a generation.

Feature: A heady cocktail of influences at play in the UK and international dairy sector.

Lizzie Bonsall, Promar International, sheds some light and insight into the causes and potential consequences of the turbulent dairy markets.

Spring 2017

Why efficient supply chains needn’t be a compromise

EFFP: Change brings opportunities and challenges

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, discusses the future of food and farming.

Feature: Collaboration drives down costs

Optimising value by working collaboratively with your supply chain partners to reduce costs for mutual benefits.

Procurement overview: Buying smarter not cheaper

Matt Jones, Senior Buyer, discusses how Reynolds keeps product cost low, but quality high

the marketplace autumn 2016

Autumn 2016

EFFP: The knock-on effects of Brexit

What’s next for the fresh produce industry, at home and abroad?

Salad supplies from Europe

Steve Rudge considers the challenges ahead for the autumn and winter periods.

Making fruit and vegetables pay their way

Ian Nottage examines ways to save money in the kitchen.

The Marketplace Issue 10 Spring 2016 front cover

Spring 2016

EFFP: Catching a falling knife

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, discusses the impact of the new National Living Wage.

Balancing the fruit seasons

Why contracting lemons and avocados is so essential this summer.

Feature: Food – the new medicine

The growing importance of superfoods in our diet.

The Marketplace Issue 9 Autumn 2015 front cover only

Autumn 2015 

EFFP: Chinese summer of discontent

Despite significant economic headwinds this summer, an improving outlook for the UK economy remains just about on track, EFFP’s Sion Roberts explains.


Is our food safe? An insight into industry practices that reassure customers.

Technical overview

Food safety from a Technical perspective. An insight into how the technical team at Reynolds approaches food safety.

The Marketplace Issue 8 Spring 2015

Spring 2015 

EFFP: Light at the end of the tunnel 

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, argues that the outlook for the food industry in the short to medium term is more positive.


Industry experts explain how seasonal production is changing, both in terms of domestic production and global supply chains.

Technical overview

How seasonality can impact on the decision making process at Reynolds.

Autumn/Winter 2014 

EFFP: End of the ‘supercycle’?

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, asks whether the current trend for falling commodity prices is a true change from the ‘supercycle’ or simply a blip along the way?

Inspired ideas – Back to the Future

How innovation in agriculture and inspired ideas are helping farming productivity. Find out the views of the BBSRC, Harper Adams University and examples from Reynolds’ suppliers.

Innovation from field to fork

From food safety to sustainability; how Reynolds places innovation and technology at the heart of its business.


Spring/Summer 2014

Not collaborating? What a waste…

Siôn Roberts, EFFP Senior Partner, joins forces with Cranfield School of Management to describe a practical approach to building partnerships in supply chains and examples of how it is changing practices in agri-food.

Waste not want not…

The issue of food waste is big – one-third of all food is wasted. Interviews with WRAP and Reynolds’ suppliers highlight some of the current activities that are reducing waste.

War on Waste

Ian Booth, Reynolds’ Technical Director, provides an insight into how Reynolds’ War on Waste programme and Enterprise Resource Planning System help Reynolds to achieve 0% waste to landfill.

Autumn/Winter 2013

Two heads are better than one…

Sion Roberts from EFFP takes a look at how supply chains are responding to the challenges we have seen in recent months. He argues that raw material sourcing and collaborative supply chain relationships should now be central to business strategy, to protect reputation and enhance shareholder value.

Value from integrity…

One thing that has come to the fore in recent months is the value in supply chain integrity. In our post-horse-gate world, knowing where your products come from, and that the supply chain is trustworthy, can make a massive difference to brand reputation and security.

Our integrity – your reputation

Integrity. It is just a small word but one that has come to mean so much to the food industry in recent months since the concerns over beef labelling and horse meat contamination.

Spring/Summer 2013

The times they are a-changin’

Sion Roberts, Senior Partner at European Food and Farming Partnerships reflects on the future of the food industry – and why things might never be the same again…

Adapting to the weather…

As well as protecting against the negative impacts of unpredictable weather, resourceful businesses are gearing up to capitalise on the benefits of change…

Planning for the unexpected

Reynolds’ Head of Procurement explains the importance of planning ahead.

Autumn/Winter 2012

Knowledge is power

Dealing with input scarcity and increasing demand by utilising knowledge capital will be critical, says Siôn Roberts, Senior Partner at European Food and Farming Partnerships.

More with less… Practical Solutions

From recycling water and geothermal technology to farming in Africa, there is a lot happening in the Reynolds supply chain to help feed the growing world population.

Maintaining all year round availability

Reynolds’ Head of Procurement explains why a sustainable supply base is his number two priority… after food safety of course!

Spring/Summer 2012

Growing sustainable futures

It is now twenty years since Bill Clinton used the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” in his successful presidential election campaign says Siôn Roberts, Senior Partner at European Food and Farming Partnerships. But the sentiment rings true today like never before.

Is regulation holding us back?

The Marketplace spoke to Reynolds’ suppliers, as well as key people at the National Farmers Union, to see just what impact regulation has on the supply base…

Summary report: Providing value throughout the supply chain

Reynolds’ Head of Procurement explains there are more considerations than just price when securing fresh produce.


Autumn/Winter 2011

EFFP: Are food price rises set to slow? 

Siôn Roberts, senior partner at EFFP, on current developments in the agricultural sector.

Year round supply of the basics and exotics

Matt Jones, Senior Buyer, Salad and Vegetables, discusses how extreme weather is affecting supply.

Q&A: English Village Salads


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