Seasonal calendar

At Reynolds it is our job to provide our customers with the best seasonal produce from at home and abroad. To find out what’s in season at any given time of the year, which will help with menu planning, view our seasonal calendar to give you a flavour.

Our seasonal calendar provides details of which types of fruit and vegetables are in season during any given month, highlighting anything sourced from the UK.  

Please be aware that for some of the more unusual ingredients it is always best to give us a bit of extra notice to make sure we don’t disappoint – and don’t forget it is only a guide!


Sourcing calendar

Our procurement team are tasked with sourcing fresh produce 365 days of the year and in order to do this they need to plan ahead, and for every eventuality. Weather often dictates the seasons and no two are ever quite the same.

This means we need a robust sourcing plan to guarantee full product availability and one which ensures we get the best quality produce that is available from around the globe.

Our sourcing calendar lets you know where we are likely to be sourcing our core products throughout the year, keeping you informed about where the produce you put on your menus is grown.

For certain types of produce there are periods where particular produce is simply unavailable or supply is restricted; this information is highlighted.

If you would like a full scale A1 version of our planner, or if you require any further information regarding provenance and product origins, please contact us at or on 01992 809 200.

Our development chefs have also been working hard to demonstrate how best to make use of seasonally available fruit and vegetables.