Marzanino tomato

marzanino tomatosTomatoes originated in South America, mainly in Peru and Ecuador, and are thought to have been domesticated in Mexico. The word ‘tomato’ is derived from the Aztec word ‘tomatl’. The tomato was introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the early 16th century.

The Marzanino tomato is inspired by the smells, sights and flavours of Naples; a variety of a Mini San Marzano called Caprese, it is a hybrid tomato full of ancient Italian traditions. Launched in 2006 as a result of years of breeding with local Italian varieties of tomatoes, the Marzanino is cultivated by a select group of specialised growers and is available throughout the year.

The Marzanino’s sweetness, aroma and low seed content made these tomatoes an instant hit in salads, as pizza toppings, in pasta sauces and in fine dining dishes. These qualities make it remarkably superior to more commonly found tomatoes.

The Marzanino measures 6-8 cm and is easily recognisable by its characteristics and appearance which resemble a scaled-down San Marzano tomato, though it has a greater intensity of colour and taste. Its vigorous taste, fragrance and peculiar form all contribute to make the Marzanino a truly unique tomato.