Galia melon

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Galia melonGalia melons are a hybrid variety muskmelon and a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. They are a cross between a smooth skinned cantaloupensis variety (Ha-Ogen) and a netted Russian reticulatus variety (Krymka). Though known to be an exceptional melon in flavour Galia melons are unfortunately prone to rapid softening.

The Galia melon was developed in the 1960’s at the Ne´ve Yaar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organization in Israel and released for commercial production in 1973. It was the first Israeli hybrid melon ever developed and was created by melon breeder Dr. Zvi Karchi. The melon was named after Dr. Zvi Karchi’s daughter and in Hebrew translates to “God’s wave”.

The Galia melon looks like a cantaloupe on the outside with light brown netted or reticulated skin but the flesh is pale green and very juicy. 

The flesh has a succulent texture that has a signature spicy sweet flavour with tropical and perfumed aromatics. Unlike many other melon varieties the tenderness of the stem end of the melon is not a good indicator of ripeness. Rather, ripeness should be determined by colouration and development of a distinct musky aroma. The more brown or orange the skin is in colour, the higher the sugar content of the melon’s flesh will be.

Galia melons can be eaten raw and used in both sweet and savoury dishes. The taste pairs well with ginger, seafood, mint, garlic, chilli, honey, peanuts, soft cheeses and a wide range of other flavours.

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