The Bramley apple

Bramleys from ReynoldsGrown only in Britain, the Bramley apple is the definitive British cooking apple, and in terms of flavour ranks as one of the worlds best culinary apples.

The first Bramley tree was planted in 1809 by a young girl named Mary Ann Brailsford from Southwell, Nottinghamshire. In 1846 Matthew Bramley purchased the land with the tree on, and then in 1856 a local nurseryman asked Matthew Bramley if he could take cuttings and start to sell the apple. Matthew agreed but insisted the apple should bear his name. The original Bramley tree is still alive and well to this day.

The Bramley is perfect as an ingredient for many different dishes, and has a wide range of uses; it works well in dessert dishes, sauces and compotes. It is relatively easy to grow in the UK, and produces large crops. It has a very sharp acidic flavour and the texture becomes light and fluffy when peeled and cooked.

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