Baby kale

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3829EA    Baby kale    500g

baby kaleKale is one of the oldest brassicas and is generally grown throughout year in the UK, but availability is limited during the Spring months. The majority of kale produced in this country is grown by farmers in Lincolnshire. The vegetable we know today is more than 2,000 years old and several varieties were developed by the Romans. In fact, until the end of the Middle Ages, kale was one of the most common green vegetables eaten across Europe.

Brassica vegetables in general are known to help with general health, heart disease and cancer, but even among this group kale stands out because it has the broadest range of antioxidants and also the highest levels of several specific ones, including calcium and iron, and vitamins A, C, K and a type of Vitamin E. The fact that kale has a very deep green colour implies a very high concentration of nutrients, which in the case of kale, translates into a range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

There are many varieties of kale available from Reynolds, including Curly kale, Lacianto kale, red Russian kale, Redbor kale, and baby kale.

Standard varieties involve preparation before cooking, such as cutting out the centre stem out to soften, and then slicing the leaves into strips before washing them thoroughly and sprinkling with baking soda or baking powder to further tenderize.

Baby kale, on the other hand, is a much more versatile vegetable than Curly kale. It has a more potent taste, is more tender, and a lot more palatable. With a young or tender variety for example, a simple sauté is enough to cook through.

Gareth McCambridgeGareth McCambridge (pictured) grows much of Reynolds’ baby kale,  lettuce, celery, babyleaf and radishes in the Cambridgeshire Fens on JB. Shropshire & Sons Farms, a specialist conventional and organic salad and vegetable producer with over 60 years of experience.

Gareth places great value on the preservation and development of soils as well as the wildlife and fauna which contribute so much to the diverse environment. 5% of the farmed area is un-cropped and managed for wildlife, and working with FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group), identification of key species and habitats for protection and enhancement are present within the farming environment.

The farm is Red Tractor Farm assured, LEAF accredited and Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet accredited.

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