Living by our values

At Reynolds, the way we work is as important to us as what we do. We have a set of values that we live by every day.

Our goal is to make all of our customers’ lives easier every day by offering great quality and service at a fair price. We take great pride in our work, and our ability to deliver means that our customers trust us to ensure the continuity of their businesses on a day-to-day basis, whilst maintaining high ethical and environmental standards at all times.

At Reynolds, the way we work is as important to us as what we accomplish.

We have a set of values that we live by each day:


We are emotional at times because we care about delivering excellence. We shall deliver results that our competitors wouldn’t attempt and our customers wouldn’t expect through our energetic and enthusiastic approach. We must encourage ourselves and others to take on new challenges, whilst offering support and providing guidance. We will be resilient and determined to achieve our goals. We all understand that sometimes we won’t get there but often we shall achieve spectacular success.


How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. We emulate the values of a family enterprise and we will be honest, fair and trustworthy in all our activities and relationships. We will strive to foster an atmosphere where fair employment practices and a safe workplace extend to every member of our diverse workforce. We will be aware of and protect the environment in all our business activities. Reynolds seeks to lead in workplace and marketplace integrity by respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial compliance. Through leadership at all levels we will sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognised, valued and exemplified by all employees.


We constantly strive to provide the best products and services at all times. We set high standards based on an up-to-date understanding of best practice, internally and externally. We value continuous improvement in everything we do ensuring ever increasing standards are achieved, keeping Reynolds one step ahead of the competition. We will be proactive in becoming smarter in our core business processes. We believe such standards can deliver a point of difference for our customers.


In our business every job is important. We value each person and their job as much as we value our own. We should encourage different views to our own, and support our colleagues in their decisions irrespective of their outcome. At Reynolds we should be able to challenge colleagues openly, speaking up on contentious issues without fear. If we can achieve this level of openness then our relationships will develop with each other based on trust, respect and dignity.

Customer care

We are dedicated to the success of our internal and external customers. We shall always strive to supply them with products or services of quality and value which are continuously ahead of our competition and our internal expectations. We shall work to very high standards and build strong and lasting relationships. These relationships shall be based upon our thorough understanding of the needs of the customer and listening to those needs as they evolve. We shall add value and provide innovative solutions to them every time without fail.