Linwood Crops – Expert potato grower

Linwood Crops are an independent produce procurement and sales business, specialising in fresh potatoes. They are based in March, Cambridgeshire, where the site has dedicated administration, trading and quality control facilities.

Sustainable supply

The company works closely with growers from the UK and overseas to offer sustainable supply and procurement solutions that bring growers closer to their customers.

The team at Linwood Crops, who have generations of experience, manage a variety of crops and are dedicated to offering great value and quality. They source from a range of geographical locations and soil types, ensuring that the very best for purpose potatoes are selected and available on any given day with season round consistency.

Linwood Crops is BRC accredited and offers full traceability of their products.

Innovative growing methods

From premium product lines to second class produce, Linwood Crops work closely with their growers and suppliers to match the right product to the right customer at the right time.   

Cutting-edge potato grading equipment ensures that Linwood Crops are able to meet even the most exacting of standards. Potatoes are machine graded and bagged at their Cambridgeshire facility, although on-farm hand-grading is also available with selected growers and suppliers.

Besides their modern multi-screen grader, the site’s facilities also include a washing and bagging line and environmentally controlled storage, increasing efficiency and adding value for both their customers and suppliers.