Emmett – Expert leaf grower


Brothers John and William Emmett started farming together in the 1970’s, before expanding to grow vegetables and salads for the wholesale markets supplying London and eventually having their own wholesale market stand.

Colin Bailey joined the business in 1999 as Managing Director and, encouraged by the Emmett family, he bought half the business in 2002 and the remainder in 2007. Although the Emmett brothers sold the business, the company still retains its family values and has a strong focus on building, training and retaining a great team of people who are passionate about what they do.

A growing business

In 2002, the decision was made to move to Lincolnshire and a bespoke factory was built at Fosdyke, which remains the centre of operations. The business grows everything it sells and since 2000, it has more than doubled in size.

In the UK, Emmett farms across South Lincolnshire and into North Cambridgeshire, with the Fosdyke factory operating a rolling system of production, cleaning and maintenance 24/7.

In addition, Emmett also farms organic and conventional products in Spain and conventional spinach in Italy, giving them the ability to supply their products all year-round depending on the best soil types and climates.

Specialised farming practices

Today, Emmett is a vertically integrated farming, packaging and marketing business supplying customers with specialised vegetable products, focusing mostly on spinach, leeks and kale.

The factory in Fosdyke has been designed and developed around the specific needs of their products and their production lines are designed with each individual product in mind. Each stage of the process takes place under one roof, ensuring consistency and efficiency, while also making it easier to fully adopt new technologies across the business.

Using their own equipment, Emmett try to farm as small an area as possible so that they can focus on the quality and getting it right. In total, they farm over 1,500 hectares of crops a year and are expecting to see a higher output from this in the future.

The board have a history of experience in the industry, meaning they are able to make necessary decisions quickly and plan each element of their supply chain in detail using valuable and reliable knowledge.