Responsible sourcing

Every single day of the year Reynolds buys the very best fresh produce. We never take a break because we want to ensure both consistent availability and quality for our customers.

Buying British

Buying British

Depending on the season and availability, Reynolds’ products are sourced responsibly from the UK or overseas. Where we can buy UK produce, we prefer to use Red Tractor approved suppliers.

While Reynolds always aims to buy British products, this is not always be possible. Our pineapples, for example, may be imported from the Ivory Coast in Africa to ensure availability and quality. We source many exotic varieties from around the world, and often see the benefits of farming to their local economies.


Reducing food miles

There has been much debate about ‘food miles’ in recent years. Reynolds works hard to ensure that we reduce ‘food miles’ as much as possible. For example, we work with a number of UK-based suppliers, particularly for salads and leaf. Some of these growers are just a few miles from our national distribution centre.

However it is important to consider the balance between providing locally sourced produce delivered by a number of suppliers, and the benefits of consolidating chilled supplies through a single supply chain and one larger vehicle.

Diverse needs

Many of Reynolds’ customers have national coverage and each has different needs. Many require produce sourced from a certain catchment area while others require British produce. As a trusted partner, it’s Reynolds’ job to meet those needs, whatever they are.

All Reynolds suppliers are requested to comply with our Ethical Sourcing Policy which is available upon request.