Sustainable foods and supplies

Ensuring a safe, healthy and sustainable supply chain is key to ensuring food safety for our customers.

The Reynolds’ procurement team has extensive knowledge and experience with facilitating a responsive and efficient supply chain, including expertise within the fresh produce and dairy industries, as well as retail, foodservice, manufacturing and logistics.

All of our experience works to ensure that we can provide sustainable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

At Reynolds, due to our size and scale, we have the ability to contract all of our volume directly with growers, at home or abroad. We provide a firm commitment to our supply base to ensure that we can offer our customers a consistency of price, quality and availability across the whole six month season. The process we follow delivers a significant benefit to our customers, helping them to budget and achieve their GPs without any surprises.


Produced bi-annually, Harvest is Reynolds own outlook for the six months ahead providing customers insight into the key issues affecting the fresh produce and dairy industries.

Read the latest version here.

Continuous improvement

Reynolds realises how important it is to not become complacent. In the world of fresh produce, things can change so quickly that staying ahead of the game, and being close to the right suppliers is crucial.

Our customers want to stand out from the crowd and we help them to achieve this by working with emerging growers and niche markets alongside the more established suppliers.

Only by ensuring we have the right balance of supplier partners can we truly deliver the right product, at the right price, at the right time … every time.