Food safety

Food safety is critical for our customers and something Reynolds takes very seriously. In fact, food safety is the most important aspect of our sourcing strategy, before provenance, sustainability, quality and price.

Reynolds has been certified at the highest level of the British Retail Consortium Technical Standard for Food since it began in 1998. This means that all Reynolds’ suppliers are audited and meet the most stringent standards.

red tractorAll Reynolds suppliers are certified to the recognised standards relating to the products supplied. These include the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Standard in the UK, Global G.A.P across the produce grower base, and BRC or SALSA within our manufactured product base.  These standards are primarily designed to reassure consumers in all aspects of food safety and legality.

Specifically, grower standards control how food is produced on the farm by minimising detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations. These include reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety, as well as animal welfare.

Reynolds’ technical product specifications are developed by our technical team and are often tailored to suit our own high standards or individual customer requirements. Our technical team work closely with customers covering all areas of food safety, quality and legality.

Reynolds has links with the food technology departments at South Bank and London Metropolitan Universities as well as Writtle Agricultural College. These relationshsips help us stay at the forefront of academic research, professional expertise and industry best practices.

Our proactive approach means that we work hand in hand with suppliers to ensure our produce is produced safely and appropriately. This includes monitoring and working with producers on a range of environmental initiatives:

  • Water quality
  • Use of pesticides
  • Hazard analysis
  • Environmental pollution
  • Conservation management

Our responsibilities don’t end there. We ensure that throughout the chill‐chain our produce is stored and transported in the right way.

Robust traceability systems, combined with robust supplier management have ensured that Reynolds is able to support customers with confidence during food safety issues. These include several e coli outbreaks relating to fresh produce over recent years, as well as the horse meat contamination scandal.

As the industry continues to be challenged with new legislation, such as the Food Information Regulations, Reynolds is able to advise customers and provide the relevant information readily.

Get in touch for further information regarding all areas of food safety, quality and legality, including:

  • Pesticide analysis
  • Microbiological evaluation
  • Genetic modification
  • Nutritional data
  • Allergen advice

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